Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

Quality and care as guiding culture.

At JP 3D-TecVision, our subsidiary for additive manufacturing, you get innovative parts and components manufactured from metal or plastic with state-of-the-art 3D printers.

We can repair defective components, reproduce components that are no longer available or are obsolete (reverse engineering) or reconstruct parts, thereby optimising them with additional functions or reinforcements.
As per the request, different materials can be used. Different forms of post-processing are possible. Turning, milling, flat grinding, sand or glass bead blasting up to anodising, lacquering, polishing or galvanising.

Advantages of additive manufacturing (3D printing)

One of the outstanding features of the additive manufacturing process is that no special tools are required for the manufacturing of individual components and these are also not subject to wear.

Mechanical movement limitations of conventional manufacturing processes are omitted quite simply through the fact that multiple parts can be amalgamated into a single component, i.e. welding work and fracture-prone welded seams are eliminated.

Additional functions, such as lightweight structures, reinforcements or cooling, can also be planned during the designing right from the beginning and can be easily integrated into the products in the manufacturing process.


We would be happy to also take over the construction of additively manufactured components both for components that we produce for you as well as the construction as a pure service.

Our trained and experienced product designers would be pleased to advise you during the designing of your special components.

Discover the possibilities

With our processes, such as the laser beam melting process for metals or the FDM printing and the SLS process for plastics, we can support your project in an ideal manner.