Metal processing

High-precision. Our parts processing.

Our principle is to offer only the best and the most cost-effective solution to the customer and to adapt ourselves to the customer’s individual requirements. The main principles include compliance with the win-win principle and all agreed specifications.

Turning & milling

Our experienced team supports your company with timely contract manufacturing and assembly. We not only meet your demands through professionalism and precision, but also those of your customers through adherence to delivery dates and quality.

Welded constructions

When manufacturing devices and welded constructions, we are well prepared for demanding constructions.

Our welded constructions, e.g. made from stainless steel, meet even the highes demands for use in clean rooms for the pharmaceutical-, food- or cosmetic industrie.

We are also able to manufacture welded structures for static loads as well as structures for dynamic loads in accordance to DIN-EN 1090, execution class 1..3 or ISO 3834 in black steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

We meet the high demands on the accuracy of the welding-related execution with our experienced welders certified in accordance with DIN-EN 9606-1.

Large parts processing

We manufacture high-quality precision parts in the highest quality in small and large series. Anyone, who enters our production hall for metal cutting, sees an ultra-modern machine park at the first glance. With these machines, we process components with up to a 6-metre length and up to a 20-tonne weight – right from the quantity of one. For you, we cut cast iron, steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Internal stress reduction through vibration

With this procedure, metallic workpieces are stabilised in their dimensions with the help of vibrations. Workpieces weighing from 100 kg up to several tonnes lose their critical tendency of warpage during or after mechanical processing. In many cases, this can replace the stress relief heat treatment.

VIBMATIC 6000 (6000 mm x 2500 mm)

Here are the main advantages:

  • Applicable for nearly all steels, tool geometries or already coated surfaces
  • Simplification of the manufacturing processes
  • Shortening of the lead times
  • Environmentally friendly, no descaling, reduction of CO² emissions
  • Positive effect of the application can be clearly logged
  • Cost saving through low energy consumption
  • No additional costs due to heavy transport or rework of the workpiece

We have our own, complex and highly modern machinery and thus offer our customers the feedback from the production process and thus participate in continuous improvement of its products. Long-term and satisfied customers are an evidence of the correctness of this philosophy, the quality and flexibility of our services.

DMU 125 P groß

DMU 125P duoBlock

Fräsmaschine 5 Achsen
X: 1250 mm | Y: 1250 mm | Z: 1000 mm


DMU 80P duoBlock

Fräsmaschine 5 Achsen
X: 800 mm | Y: 800 mm | Z: 500 mm

DMU 50_groß

DMU 50 3rd

Fräsmaschine 5 Achsen
X: 650 mm | Y: 520 mm | Z: 475 mm


DMU 70

Fräsmaschine 5 Achsen
X: 800 mm | Y: 400 mm | Z: 300 mm


FPT Sirio

Fahrständer Fräsmaschine
X: 6000 mm | Y: 1250 mm | Z: 2500 mm


Hurco VMX 84 t

X: 2000 mm | Y: 800 mm | Z: 800 mm


Hermle C42 U

5 Achsen
X: 800 mm | Y: 800 mm | Z: 550 mm


CNC Drehmaschine Mori Seiki

Länge: 700 mm, Durchmesser: 300 mm
mit angetriebenem Werkzeug und Y-Achse




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