Motek 2023

EV battery module manufacturing automation

Hall 7, Booth 321


Motek 2023 in Stuttgart
October 10th to 13th, 2023
Hall 7, Booth 321

Production automation of battery modules for electric vehicles.

We present you our application for the production automation of battery modules for electric vehicles.

As a system integrator, we always look for the individually suitable solution and technology for our customers. For our trade fair application, we chose the production automation of battery modules for electric vehicles as an example, as this is currently a major topic in German industry. With our know-how, we can also automate any other production process completely or even just individual workstations.

Our possible solutions are as diverse as our customers. Our trade fair application only covers a small part of our options. Nevertheless, we want to show as much of our range of services as possible at Motek together with our partners and have therefore selected a few stations from the entire production process that we could automate as clearly as possible.

Which includes:

  • the transport of round cells using a linear axis,
  • ensuring traceability using a QR code scanner,
  • the automated checking and sorting of the round cells,
  • transport using AGVs within a factory premises,
  • equipping battery modules with round cells,
  • gluing battery modules together and at the end
  • checking the battery modules,
  • as well as inserting it into the vehicle tubs.

We have clearly presented these points for you in five applications. Four of them are located directly at our own exhibition stand and the fifth, our JP Hero, is at the stand of our partner Yamaha Robotics.

Please feel free to contact us about your own production automation.

Click on the icons to access the details of our applications.


Transport of round cells using a linear axis.


Transport using AGVs in combination with a cobot.


Testing and traceability of round cells.


Camera-assisted gluing by a cobot.


End of line battery module testing with a Scara robot.

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