JP Glue

Gluing with cobot and camera

"JP Glue"

We present “JP Glue. Our solution for individual bonding applications of all kinds.

Our “JP Glue” (glueing unique elements) is extremely variable in technical design. The camera system with component recognition allows it to flexibly adjust to different objects. Add to that the lightweight adhesive applicator from our partner IPR.




What exactly does our application do?


Our adhesive application focuses on component recognition with the camera system and the exact application of the adhesive. The battery modules are delivered via the conveyor belt. When you arrive at the gluing, they are already equipped with round cells and the complete wiring. The only thing missing then is the cover on the battery module.

Due to the camera system, no exact alignment of the heavy modules is necessary. The gluing head automatically adjusts to the position of the module and thus delivers a consistently good result.

The conveyor belt moves the module to the next station, where the lid is placed on the module and screwed down. Then it’s on to the End of Line testing at the booth of our partner Yamaha Robotics.

Where is "JP Glue" used?

Our “JP Glue” is adaptable to any conceivable gluing application and is also suitable for applying coatings or similar. This versatility and adaptability means that there are no limits to the possible applications. In the automotive industry, adhesives and coatings are used in many places, not only in battery cell production. But our application can also be used in many other industries.

Together we will be happy to check which version of “JP Glue” is the ideal solution for your requirements.

Omron as a strong partner

The partnership between Omron and JP Industrieanlagen offers a variety of benefits for our customers in the manufacturing industry.

Omron is one of the leading companies in the automation industry. With 90 years of experience in the development of automation products, Omron’s outstanding reputation accompanies it. JP Industrieanlagen brings extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of industrial automation and plant construction. Through the partnership, both companies benefit from the combined expertise and can offer a broader range of solutions for their customers.

Omron TM12

Designed to work with people and machines, OMRON’s collaborative TM robot enables you to increase efficiency while ensuring workplace safety with its wide range of industrial applications.

Adhesive applicator from IPR - Intelligent peripherals for robots

From the renowned company IPR – Intelligent Peripherals for Robots comes the applicator for our application. We are fortunate to have a partner with such extensive know-how at our side.

IPR has established itself as a leading company in the industry and stands for quality, precision and innovative solutions. Their expertise and commitment help make our trade fair model an impressive and effective product.

We look forward to future projects with IPR and are confident that they will continue to support us with their world-class solutions.

Partner. For solutions.

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