JP Lina

Linear transport axis

"JP Lina"

We present “JP Lina”. Our solution for the short-distance transport of round cells.

Our “JP Lina” (linear axis) runs very quietly thanks to its belt drive, has a slim design and is extremely low-maintenance. In addition, it is variably adaptable.



Low maintenance

What exactly does our application do?


Our “JP Lina” transports the round cells over a short distance from one production point to the next. In our example, the nests are equipped with round cells in the first position, then move to the second position and are removed from there by a cobot for the further cycle. A light curtain ensures the necessary safety during transport at the trade fair.

Where is "JP Lina" used?

Our “JP Lina” is very variable and is particularly suitable for bridging short distances within a system or between two neighboring systems.

Of course, there are many other variants available to us. This means we always find the right solution for your requirements.

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